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Bonding Out of Jail in Florida

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

So, if you are arrested, you or your family will probably deal with a bail bond company unless you have enough money to post the entire amount. Usually, the amount of your bond is set according to the offense for which you were arrested. If you are arrested for a fairly minor criminal offense, and your bail is set at $5,000, then you would pay a bail bondsman $500 to avoid spending more time in jail. If you successfully show up for every scheduled court appearance, then your bail bondsman will happily keep your $500.

How Long Does it Take to Have a Bondsman Post Your Bond?

After you are arrested, you will go through the “booking” process. The time for this process depends on the how busy the jail is at the time. Typically, the process takes from one to three hours, but it can vary greatly according to which county you are arrested in, and can take as long as 12 hours. The one exception to this, is if you have been charged with DUI, in which case you will be held until your alcohol level drops below a specified level. In DUI cases the bail bondsman has no control over how long you will be held. It is also recommended that you be polite and cooperative during the booking process, as this could have some bearing on how quickly the booking process happens.

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